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Drupal Mountain Camp

Drupal Switzerland


About us

We are Drupal experts and newcomers from Switzerland. Our thriving and welcoming community collaborates on the open-source and content management framework Drupal. Together we use, build and exchange digital solutions for users.

We invite back-end & front-end developers as well as site builders, content editors, designers, business owners, project managers, usability experts, community enthusiasts and basically everyone interested in Drupal and the web to join us.

Check out our team page to see open positions and who is active.

Find our proposed Statutes here.

Drupal Meetup talk


Meet the community

Our meetups are dedicated to people interested in the Content Management System & Framework: Drupal.

We welcome everyone, from beginners to Drupal ninjas and people who just want to find out what Drupal is all about.
Come for the code, stay for the community!

Drupal is

We're the leading open-source CMS for ambitious digital experiences that reach your audience across multiple channels.

Open source

You and a world-wide community are free to use and further improve Drupal because of its GPL license

Easy to learn

Content editors and users appreciate Drupal’s focus on usability and accessibility out-of-the-box

Flexible & Powerful

Thousands of contributed modules and Drupal’s flexible building blocks ensure scalable solutions

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Drupal Coding

Share your knowledge

We welcome you to attend one of our upcoming events to network, share your experiences, or learn from the community.